UPDATE 7/26/13

I know I haven’t really posted anything on this site since before Wrestlemania 29. I haven’t forgotton about this website, but it’s hard to find time to post something of quality. If you haven’t been following me on Twitter, you would know that I have gotten into t-shirt design. I’m trying to turn False Finish Designs into a legit business. You can buy my t-shirts, stickers, and posters off Redbubble.

As far as wrestling goes, I have been watching. I know I haven’t kept a ranking system this year, but it’s safe to say that if Daniel Bryan keeps up on the current role he is on, that he will win Wrestler of the Year at the end of the year.

Wrestlemania XXIX Predictions



Pre-Show Match
Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barrett(c) vs. The Miz

Winner: Wade Barrett

I couldn’t really care about this match, and it’s obvious the WWE doesn’t care about either. I can see Wade Barrett going over via cheating.


Eight Person Tag Team Match
Tons of Fun(Brodus Clay, Tensai, and The Funkadactyls)


Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella’s

Winners: Ton of Fun

Bathroom break match. Since this will be the comedy match, I expect the faces to go over.


Singles Match
Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

Winner: Fandango

I’m hoping this is the sleeper match on the card. I have seen Johnny Curtis work before on NXT and he is a decent worker. I hope the WWE actually gives them time to work because I’m not ashamed to say, but I’m looking forward to this match. Fandango is growing on me. He is just so funny and creepy, that it’s just a great character. On top of that, I want them to have a great match just to silence those stupid smart marks chanting “You Can’t Wrestle” at Fandango. I expect Fandango to go over. It would be stupid to have him lose his debut match. Especially after all this build up.


Six Man Tag Team Match
The Shield vs. Big Show, Randy Orton & Sheamus

Winners: The Shield

It would be one of the stupidest decisions ever to have the Shield lose this match. They have had no build up going into this match. So having the Shield job out would be completely pointless. So I’m picking the Shield to win just based off smart logic. But knowing the WWE, they don’t like logic.


Singles Match
The Ryback vs. Mark Henry

Winner: The Ryback

Initially, I was looking forward to this match. But the WWE found some way to kill my interest. According to reports, their matches at house shows have been completely boring. The only thing I’m looking forward to is whether Ryback can actually pick up Mark Henry for the Shellshock. They would be smart to keep this match under 3 minutes just so Ryback doesn’t blow himself up working a long match.


WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Hell No(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston

I hope WM 29 is the end of Team Hell No. Daniel Bryan and Kane have milked all they can out of this paring. Just put the tag titles on Big E and Ziggy. Will this match be great, no. Big E is a very limited worker. If Bryan and Ziggler work the majority of the match, it would be a lot better. All I’m expecting this match to be is a showcase for Big E. I’m willing to bet that Ziggler will get his ass handed to him for the majority of the match, then Big E will come in and dominate. If Ziggler and Big E don’t go over, I have a feeling that they will have Ziggler cash in and win the World Title.


World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio(c) vs. Jack Swagger

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE had something when they originally had Jack Swagger win. Then all of a sudden they turned what could of be a decent storyline with the Mexican vs. The Racist Right Wing maniac, they decided do go the route of making it more personal by having Ricardo get his ankle broken by Swagger. It’s just too corny. I expect Del Rio to go over. Hopefully Ziggler cashes in after.


No Holds Bared – If Triple H loses he has to Retire.
Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

Winner: Triple H

So, Triple H is coming out of retirement for a retirement match? Ok then. Triple H is going over. Their match Summerslam was very average.


The Streak
The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

Winner: The Undertaker

I was hoping that the WWE would put more mystery behind who was actually going to win this match but they went the typical WWE route, and had Punk get the upper hand on RAW this past week. I’m expecting this match to be great, but there is no mystery to this match. The Undertaker is going over.


WWE Championship
The Rock(c) vs. John Cena

Winner: John Cena

I wasn’t a fan of their match last year. It was a good match, but it didn’t have the big match feel that other big feuds have had. John Cena is going to go over. Hopefully they decide to do the third match between these two at SummerSlam. I can’t support the 3rd match of the feud  happening at Wrestlemania XXX.